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If you want something more personal for your home in which you can feel more represented because it relates to you, your life, then a commission could be the perfect idea.

Natural scenes, animals with or without people, their interaction with each other are what inspires me most but I'm always happy to hear what your ideas or wishes are.


It is a very tailored approach.

  • We start from an initial conversation by email in order to get general information about your wishes, ideas and get inspired by what you will tell me.

  • Then, the conversation will be followed by more specific ideas and proposals in terms of subject.

  • If you like what we have said, I'll make you pay a 20% of deposit so that I can start to work on it.

  • Half way through I'll send you a picture of its progression.

  • When the artwork is ready and you are happy with it, you'll pay the remaining 80% and I will ship it to you.


from 6 to 8 weeks: from the payment of the deposit to the dispatch of the artwork 


Starting from £300.00 

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