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my name is Valentina Teghillo, I'm an Italian artist living in Wales, U.K.


If I look back I can see that painting is not a vocation I have had since I was born but it is the result of a lifetime change and a rediscovery of old passions.

In fact, after years of social conformation aiming to numerical achievements instead of qualitative ones, Nature allowed me to be myself, without expectations, without judgements, with my perfect imperfections, it made me slow down and listen to feelings and emotions and so, it made me find myself, at last.

I can experience the same every time I paint, because I feel connected, I slow down, I observe myself and the world around me and I look for the essence, the quality, the harmony of elements.

For me painting is a way to recreate that deep connection between me and the world around me, made of natural feelings, relations and emotions among us, other animals and the environment.


My purpose is to depict the tranquility, the peace, the wonder, the beauty and the joy I feel when I look at nature in all its forms, so that my paintings can infuse the same positivity and love for nature on you as well.

“Her work has a calming effect as every aspect is well considered and rendered. Composition, detail, colours are beautifully combined to make a picture that breathes tranquillity"

- Graeme Sims


After years of studies, a degree in business administration, working in an office, I felt the air missing, I still didn’t know who I really was and what I wanted.

The dog, a creature until then never really considered and understood, opened my eyes, showing me the beauty of simplicity, feelings, emotions and being oneself in contact with nature, an element from which society has moved further and further away.

James Herriot in "Creatures Great and Small" and Graeme Sims in "The Dog Whisperer" helped me visualise and feel even more what was important to me, and I decided to react, to change direction.

So, I started travelling again, admiring and loving different worlds, cultures and different languages.

I wanted to learn more about dogs and how to relate to them, so I became a dog trainer and helped people and dogs to live better together. This allowed me to get more and more in touch with the true myself.


In 2019 I moved to Wales, a country with lush nature and home of the sheepdog.

In the wave of change, of discovery, I felt the desire to dust off an ancient passion, that of art, drawing, colours once experienced at school. If at the time I didn't listen to all this, because it wasn't practical and safe enough to invest in it for the future, now I wanted to give it a chance.

And so, in 2019, I asked my dog training mentor, colleague and artist Graeme Sims to teach me the art of watercolour, which I had always read and heard about but had never experienced before.

From that moment a new chapter in my life began to take shape and to watercolour I added acrylic, finding the latter more suited to my personality.

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