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Welcome into my art world.

My name is Valentina Teghillo and I'm an Italian artist living in Wales, U.K.

With my paintings, mainly inspired by nature, colours, light and shadow, I want to bring you a touch of kind gentleness, a sense of peace and a way to escape to other places every time you want.

How I can help you

As I believe that paintings are like windows through which we can visit other places and tell different stories, I can help you to tell your own story.

What do I mean?

We all have a story to tell that can be a personal statement, a message of love, a hope for the future to have in your house or to give as a present for a person you love.


If nature, animals and landscape are meaningful to you, then I can help you to find the perfect painting, print or card you are looking for.


You can buy an original painting you like among those I painted.

I mainly use acrylics and sometimes watercolours.

I love you -box mounted framed print

If you want to find a print featuring one of my paintings, you can choose among some framed and unframed prints.

I constantly update the collection, according to what people prefer and what I painted new.

Greetings Cards

If you believe that there is no gift without a greeting card or that a special occasion is not needed to send a truly heartfelt message, then here you can find the greeting card you need.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or if you have a specific request or an idea in mind,

write to me and I will come back to you with a possible solution for you.

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