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Hahnemühle The Collection - Watercolour
300 - 100 % cotton rag - cold pressed - vegan - resistant to ageing - acid-free


(height x length x depth)
9.4 x 6.7" / 24 x 17 cm


May 2023


A small watercolour painting that speaks loud about me and my love for dogs.
Here there are my beloved dogs enjoying themselves in our favourite place, a farm field in the rural Welsh countryside.

It's from a photograph I took a few years ago and what I wanted to capture was the feeling of happiness, movement and freedom that we all felt there in that moment.

If taking the photo allowed me to quickly catch the moment, painting it makes me live it again and again and this gives me joy.

If you'd like to have a precious moment of your life captured into a painting to make it last forever, feel free to get in touch.

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