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Daler Rowney Cold-Pressed 300gsm paper pad


(height x length)
11.7 x 8.3" x 29.7 x 21 cm


September 2019

This is one of my first watercolours. It represents my dog Lola at my grandma's home in La Losa, Italy.

The inspiration came from a photograph I took in April of 2018 and it is the perfect combination of what I like: yellow flowes, my dog and the my grandmother's garden, a place where I spent most of my childhood and that reminds me of her.

Here I experimented with the use of masking fluid as well as the wet-in-wet technique and I particularly like the effect of distance created by the low point of view and the faded colours in background as well as the movement of these tall flowers and the almost camuflaged Lola.

The painting is in a private collection but I'm here to answer all your questions and listen to your ideas.

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