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Blocco di carta Daler Rowney pressato a freddo da 300 g/m²


(lunghezza x altezza)
8.3 x 11.7" / 21 x 29.7 cm


September 2019

This is a watercolour painting inspired by a photograph I took some years before of a rose in my grandma's garden.

As anything related to my grandmother's house and garden is special as it reminds of her, I remember I painting this with great transportation, almost effortless.

I truly believe that when the subject you choose to paint means something to you, then the work itself becomes a real pleasure and enjoyment.

My attraction was the colour of its petals, a pink of many shades as well as the composition made of a main mature rose and three young buds. They represented for me my grandma and her three daughters.

I called this painting "I love you" because this is the message I tried to convey in every brush stroke.

If you are interested in flowers, plants, anything related to nature, feel free to get into contact.

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